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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Mar 27, 2017

Taylor welch is co-owner of Traffic and Funnels, a 6-figure per month business.


In this episode, he discusses how he leverages webinars to attract high-quality, high-paying customers to his business in a short period of time.


Episode Discussions:

  • How to attract high quality clients if you're a consultant or a service provider using an automated webinar
  • Why automated webinars are great for stability
  • How to get client flow on-demand and on a consistent basis
  • Different types of services to sell through webinars
  • How webinars help with filtering high-quality clients
  • Metrics to use when measuring the success of your webinar


[2:22] Taylor's story:

  • Owns company with business partner Chris Evans
  • Chris (traffic side) - Taylor (copy & sales side)
  • Met while Taylor was a freelance copywriter
  • Started company 1.5 years ago
  • Has grown business to several million per year.
  • Helps clients stabilize their acquisition (with aid traffic and funnels)
  • Uses an auto webinar to help filter higher quality clients

[3:59] 98% of Taylor's clients use webinars.

[5:19] Taylor's most embarrassing moment — taking money from this first client.

[6:03] "... I was a talented, skilled copywriter with millions of dollars in sales behind my work and I couldn't figure out how to get clients. Once I nailed that, I got passionate about helping others skip over that same year and a half. That's kind of what we do today."

[7:07] What are the different types of services that your clients use webinars for? Copywriters, people who run paid traffic for clients, automation experts who build funnels, consultants, coaches. etc.

[8:12] "One of the biggest things besides building that webinar funnel is helping people not niche down into an industry, but get specificity around the problem they're solving for people."

[9:29] Joel is a client of Traffic and Funnels and shares his experience.

10:20] A rough overview process of Taylor's webinar.

14:45] "I love webinars because of how much you can do so much with one 45 min to an hour-long webinar."

[15:51] Writing copy or creating webinars for non-ROI type clients like life coaches: "The catch is making sure you don't limit RIO to money because you've got emotional RIO. You've got monetary RIO, time freedom RIO, fulfillment and life goal RIO."

18:15] "Just gotta diagnose. What is it that people want and what is it that's keeping them from getting what they want.”

[20:54] What key metrics in terms of the funnel do you use to decide whether or not it's working? "We have a video that shows you what you want at each phase of the funnel for opt-in listings."

[21:36] Taylor's KPI (Key Performance Indicator) breakdown.

[25:00] "We have a lot of clients who only do twenty grand a month but they're happy and they don't work more than 30 hours a week and that's their dream life."

[26:47] Joel recaps Taylor's webinar numbers.

[30:28] "One of the things you can do with a webinar is display your personality."

[32:43] "What's the craziest thing you've seen somebody sell from their feeder funnel?" "What's the maturity rating of this audience?"

"You've gotta expose where someone needs help and show them how you can be a plausible solution."



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