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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Feb 16, 2017

Dave Rogenmoser got started selling his “6K Success” course through organic methods, private messaging and trolling Facebook groups. Through the use of webinars, he was able to build authority, credibility, and bond with his ideal customers, allowing him to increase the price of his program.

In this episode, Dave discusses his entrepreneurial journey and how webinars took him from “trolling” to “rolling.”   


o   Worked for a campus ministry at the University of Missouri.

o   Started digital marketing consulting

o   Built up a course "6K Success" - taught how he was doing the marketing consulting.

o   Lead to webinars

  • [3:12] In the last 1.5 years, generated over $1 Million - 90% from webinar sales.

"My entire business has been built on this. I have no plans to not use webinars to grow the business from here on out. They've been that crucial to me."-Dave

  • [3:41] "When you created your first course, how were you going about trying to sell it before you discovered webinars?"  "We spent a long time actually building out the course which I think is honestly mistake #1."
  • [5:07] "6K Success" - Had the goal of helping people get to $6K/month of recurring income.

o   Took 2 months to build the course.

  • [5:36] The creation of the $500 price point
  • [7:15] When did you decide to increase your price point and when did you decide to do a live webinar? "We wanted to run paid traffic and paid traffic costs money."
  • [7:58] "For most industries now, you're going to have a hard time making money on a $500 product if you're using Facebook Ads."
  • [8:08] Dave would only break even at $500 so he raised the price to $1K.
  • [8:45] Did 1st live webinar from Facebook Ads.
  • [9:46] "Time is the most important element of building a relationship from a cold prospect to somebody who's ready to buy." -Joel
  • [10:08] Every single week, I'm changing my pitch, changing my offer, working on my slides, exporting the chat and I'm looking at 'Hey, when are people talking and what questions are they asking? I'm making the presentation amazing week by week. After doing that 6 or 7 times, we turned into more of an evergreen-type product and built it into a funnel."
  • [11:32] Scaled from $5K-$10K/month to $90K-$100K/month in 5 months.
  • [12:20] Refining your pitch is the single most important aspect of business in general. "If people don't want to buy what you're selling, you have no business."
  • [12:34] A live webinar gives you the opportunity to refine and get immediate feedback from the people who are most likely to buy. Get feedback and then revise, reframe and start to scale.  
  • [12:57] Dave is working on new webinar to launch Proof - new software for marketers that helps increase conversion in their funnels. "I'm going to learn so much about what we've got from that right now and that's way more valuable than the money we're gonna make on Thursday. I love the feedback loop and that's what live webinars are all about."
  • [14:18] Proof is an application that you install on your landing pages that will notify you in real-time when somebody buys. Adds real-time social proof to your funnels, (Suzy just bought _____ 5 minutes ago in San Diego, CA)

"When we've added it to our pages, we've found it increases conversion a lot."

  • [18:45] What's more complex is thinking through, "How do I sell not just the widget but the training on how to do the widget?"
  • [20:20] In 2015, Russell Brunson's Click Funnels did $10 Million in sales from webinars alone. Joel explains how Russell sold the onboarding process.
  • [23:08] "I duplicated this model with 2 other webinar clients…both have gone on to do 7 figures in their software."-Joel
  • [24:28] Joel analyzes Proof and offers advice on how to broaden the offer with a conversion training course.
  • [27:36] Joel's show recap


"I'm so big on webinars....Try to find someone who's doing over a million dollars a year that's not doing webinars and I'd be shocked if you're able to find it.”-


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