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Sold With Webinars Podcast

Oct 30, 2017

Components of a traditional sales webinar can be shuffled, reframed, and restructured in every which way but essentially, the process and structures are all similar or the same. So when Joel caught wind of Dan Kuschell’s non-traditional interview style webinar that generated 7 figures, he had to investigate.


The interview style webinar is a product of Dan’s obsession with psychology and extensive background in direct response marketing, interviewing, and teleseminars. This method isn’t just strategic dialog between host and expert — it’s an entirely unique way of leveraging natural conversation, emotion, and tactical flow to sell with webinars. And in this episode, Dan walks you through the 7-step interview webinar framework and how you can successfully apply it to close more deals in your webinars.


Episode Discussions:

  • Combining technology with psychology equals big results
  • Debunking the "marketing is bad" belief
  • Dan Sullivan's definition of selling
  • What’s missing from "know, like, and trust"?
  • The "Oprah" sales model and why it works
  • Trust and respect accelerate sales
  • Adding extra endorsements within the interview and how to make it “real”
  • The webinar interview works with cold traffic if…
  • 7 step interview webinar framework and flow
  • An interview script specifically for high-ticket offers
  • 2 ideals of the one-to-many methodology
  • Offering value to your webinar audience within interview webinars
  • Creating elevated trust and respect with social proof and testimonials
  • The difference between selling more and retaining your sales
  • How the interview style helps with the first draft of your webinar and why it shortens the writing process
  • The pros of being upfront about price
  • A framework to construct offers, CTA's, and outcomes
  • The recurring 24/7 interactive Q&A model
  • Speaking to the elephant in the room (addressing objections)



[3:39] Dan’s story:

- Fascinated with direct response marketing since he could remember

- Dad took him to his first clinic for baseball when he was 10 where he learned: "In baseball, sports, and life, success is 90% mental and the rest physical."

- Became obsessed with learning the psychology behind sales after working at a direct mail company out of high school.

[4:58] "Today, when you combine psychology and technology, you can get incredible leverage and have incredible breakthroughs when you take the time to learn and master it."

[5:16] One-to-many is a leverage methodology with 2 simple ideals:

  1. Put yourself in a position to speak to large groups of people at one time
  2. Do the work one time and get paid over and over

[6:08] "I look at you [Joel] and yes, you're a tactician and that's important but more importantly, you're a scientist from a strategy point of view."

[9:59] Dan's first interview style webinar was in 2005 with a JV strategic partner for a $2,495 program. It generated over 6 figures in sales in one night.

[11:31] Dan Sullivan's definition of selling: Getting someone intellectually engaged in a future result that's good for them.

[12:45] Step 1 and outline of the interview style webinar script

[15:54] The host interviews the expert and ultimately facilitates the close. Extra endorsements can be added to make it "real."

[17:18] In addition to "know, like, and trust," add “respect”.

[18:03] An audience trusts their host and are more likely to respect the endorsement of the guest — trust and respect accelerate sales. The host guides the process but the expert drives the message and enrollment.

[21:15] "Speak to the elephant in the room." Calling out your audience's biggest objection.

[21:57] The interview script specific to making high-ticket offers.

[24:11] "I've discovered in any sales process that rapport is probably the number one factor in whether sales happen or they don't."

[24:44] Joel and Dan enact step 2 of the interview style webinar.

"There's a difference between selling more and retaining your sales."

 [26:40] Steps 3-6 (value, education, framing the offer)

[29:29] Does this work with cold traffic too? I've seen it work with cold traffic. At the end of the day, it comes down the talent, capabilities, and skillsets we have or don't have overall."

[33:18] "Interview style helps get the rough draft out as quickly as possible because you ask a question and rattle on for 5-10 minutes, then edit and revise it."

[36:07] Step 7 (transition into close, enrollment)

  • Frame the offer
  • Promise and guarantee
  • Program benefits and outcome
  • Price and how to get started

[42:03] The pros of being up front with your audience about price

[43:48] A genius recurring 24/7 interactive Q&A model

[47:38] “We can use this interview framework to help people get the first draft written because that's the single biggest objection they have.”

[47:50] There are about 12 questions during Dan’s interview style webinar format

[48:06] A framework to construct offers, CTA's, and outcomes:

  • what is it?
  • what will it give them?
  • what will it do for them?
  • what will that mean for them?
  • connect outcomes to an emotional benefit

[51:23] "Most places are focusing on ‘how do you grow and scale to the next level?’ and that's a great place to start. I'm asking a very different question today which is how do you build, grow, and scale a healthy business because the two are very different."


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